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Green Mango and the perfect Bachelor / Bachelorette-Party with Karaoke!

You can’t get around Green mango, if You’re celebrating your Bachelor’s & Bachelorette’s Party in Berlin!

But what is it, that makes Green mango

the best location to celebrate

Your Bachelor’s & bachelorette’s party?

Since the beginning of Green Mango we can certainly say that we’ve hosted more than 2000 Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties – we simply stopped counting at a certain point.

Without Green mango there is no Bachelor’s & bachelorette’s party!

There is one day in the history of Green mango that will be never forgotten. It’s a hot August evening in 2015, and as people are getting ready to leave for the night, Green Mango is setting everything up to host their record-holding night. Wanna know what the record was? 38 Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, all at once! Same Place, same time – Green Mango!
What we did not know – There were more to come! We totaled an amount of 41 bachelor & Bachelorette Parties that night! Check out some of our best right hier!

Some key ingredients for a perfect Bachelor/ bachelorette Party with Karaoke:

  • The more Parties of the same kind in a location, the better and longer the Party will be and go on!
  • The ambiance of Green mango let’s nearly no wish unfulfilled and offers the perfect party place.
  • Every bachelor and Every Bachelorette will be getting something from us, that will last for eternity.
  • Awesome and gorgeous Strippers – hottest in town!
  • Perfect musical mix by our enthusiast Karaoke-DJs
  • Party BundlesDownload here– for the right set-up
  • Unforgettable Karaoke experience “on Stage”!
  • A Delicious Buffet with different German and Thai foods!
  • A “Captain’s Dance Lounge” for all the dancers out there.
  • Fancy tropical drinks – up to bucket Sizes!

and much more…

And in case we still didn’t catch Your interest…

Check out this video!

If You don’t understand – don’t worry! Either ask a German friend, just look at the video, or stop by and make Your own experience!

BP’s Main Season…

Starts in april and hosts 40+ BP’s per weekend until the end of August. Then the amount reduces to a half, which still is above average! If You imagine adding birthdays, team events, corporate events and Football-teams into the mix, you get a perfect party experience!

These are only few reasons to check out our place ASAP! Join the Karaoke party of the nation and make Green mango Your last stop of the perfect BP.

So, beloved Mangoes…

(yes, you’re already a part of us, simply by reading this 😉 )
grab your Phone and call+4930 – 75 63 73 93 or send us a booking request Reservierungsanfrage: hier gehts right here!

JGA Party mit Karaoke


Here are some pictures of our older BP’s – check them out!

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