Karaoke Verleih

We will bring the Green Mango Experience Home to You!

Karaoke Verleih

Private party, corporate party or end of season in your club?

Our compact „Karaokekiste S“ can be placed nearly everywhere. Thanks to its neat and easy-to-use interface, it is usable on many occasions. Be it Your own living room, a corporate venue or even the office, in your conference room, in the classroom or the school hall, maybe a Rock star after show party in the hotel room – within seconds You’ll transform it into Your own Karaoke Bar!

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The „Karaokekiste XXL“ is a modified, made-to-fit trailer, including everything You need for a great Karaoke party!

Completely furnished, with a huge flatscreen TV for lyrics, a fancy sound system powered by Teufel, You’ll get Your own “Karaoke Lounge”. In Your garden, at the beach, on the lawn, on a festival – Place it wherever You like and start singing straight away!
We absolutely recommend our “Karaokekiste XXL” on corporate parties on their own property, or on promotion tours, on conventions, exhibitions etc.

For further information regarding renting a “Karaokekiste” visit www.karaokekiste.de

There You’ll have the opportunity to contact our “Kraokekisten”-Team directly and book Your “Karaokekiste” for Your next event!

Planning to go bigger?

No problem! Our team will be at Your service planning Your special and custom event!

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