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No matter the position – Boss or maintenance…

Everybody is the same and sings at our place!

Would You like to experience the “different” party this year? Grab Your phone and book your perfect Karaoke Christmas Party now!

We deliver a perfect location…

With delicious food on our German Thai- Buffet (all you can eat, of course), a classic selection of beverages, an awesome staff team and an unforgettable atmosphere. Building a Bundle matching Your specific needs is one of our easiest tasks. Get in now!

Approximately 600 m2…

Will be at your disposition, including the captain’s lounge and Beambox, with the ability to host up to 300 people! The Ambience, interior and proceeding of the evening will amaze You and Your team!

For most Companies…

The annual Christmas Party is without a doubt, the most anticipated event of the year! Therefore companies open up budgets to make this event unforgettable. We can deal with nearly all kinds of budgets and will always make sure You get the best possible experience for Yours!

The benefits of booking a bundle are obvious! Manageable cost-control, fair discounts and a perfect organization of Your evening.

Test us!!!

We’re ready and await You!


Latest companies to celebrate with us include: