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Do You desire to have Your product being noticed on promotions, expositions or conferences? We are Your partner of choice!

Especially our „Karaokekiste XXL“ suits those needs perfectly. Colourful, eye-catching and unique – with the help of Karaoke You’ll get the attention. While customers relax enjoying some quality sing time, You can place and promote Your products perfectly. People will stay longer!

Use that time to get into conversation, sample Your products or distribute flyers…
This is a concept that has already succeeded on many large events, such as CSD or Helene Beach festival in Frankfurt.

For more information go to or call us: +4930 / 120 22 531

Just a little sum-up as to why we are Your partner of choice!

Possible venues

  • Expositions
  • Concerts/ festivals (Helene Beach/ Rock am Ring)
  • Produkt-launch events
  • Evening venues/ Galas
  • Conferences/ incentive events
  • Team venues
  • Sports venues/ car races/ Motor boat venues/ a.m.m.
  • Street festivals/ fun fairs
  • Corporate venues/ Employer Branding events

And many more…


  • Your product benefits through our customized set up.
  • Loud, colourful and eye-catching – become an eye-catcher with a mobile Karaoke stand! Our Karaokekiste XXL always gets the people’s attention away from other stands to Your!
  • Unique in Europe (or maybe even the whole world?)
  • Possibility to design the Karaokekiste XXL in Your corporate design. Of yourse we will send You our vector graphics template for You to customize – or design it ourselves! It’s up to You!
  • Extend the stay of Your guests at Your stand and increase their curiosity. What is happening there? Everybody wants to check out and maybe sing on their own – that’s the perfect moment for You to get in and start a conversation with Your potential clients!
  • Think of games, where people have to sing in order to get goodies, or need to get a specific goodie in order to sing.
  • A positive experience is automatically linked to Your product/ Your company.


  • We will come with our Karaokekiste XXL and everything that You need.
  • We provide special trained Karaoke-DJ’s with more than 10 Years of experience doing karaoke, animating and hosting.
  • Technical equipment with latest technology.