Kids Karaoke Party & Dance at Green Mango

Dear parents,

are you looking for that one special location to let your kids have fun and can celebrate their perfect birthday party?

Then Green Mango is the place to be!

Kids Karaoke Party & Dance at Green Mango!

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Almost every Saturday,

during 1 p.m. – 5 p.m., we celebrate our great kid’s karaoke party with a diverse program that will leave your kids talking about even months after!

We are also pleased to say that you’ll never celebrate alone. We always have more than one group celebrating!

Programme for the kids

  • Huge song repertoire (incl. children songs) to sing on stage (150,000 songs)
  • Singing, dancing
  • Certificates for birthday kids
  • Polonaise
  • Often performances of real artists
  • Medals and key chains for special performances
  • Children buffet incl. drinks (Fanta & co., water etc.)
  • And many more… check out this article: Berliner Woche vom 08.07.2015

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Our Prices

Relaxation for the parents

For our parents we do have coffee, tea and buffet – at the end, not only the kids, but all our guests should feel comfortable. And to make the parents also enjoy their stay without pulling out the wallet each second, we do have all-inclusive-offers for You as well!

Our prices for kids karaoke at a birthday party and other venues


Including food and beverages buffet, show, games, entrance, Certificate for birthday children and sometimes more.

Kinds (6-15 years)




Kids also can decide to not book our all-in offer but to pay separately. In that case, we will never charge more than 17€ of course. Participating at the buffet will be charged with 5€.

Not included in our all-in bundle:

  • Song recordings* of the afternoon (memories of the birthday party) 15 € – combined with photos of the afternoon: 28 €
  • Party photos of the afternoon: 15 € (combined with song recordings: 28 €)
  • Possible service fee for brought cakes etc.: 10 €
  • Party- lucky bags for children of your group (per child): 5 €

*all songs your kids or your group perform will be recorded – depending on the number of guests, song amount may vary. Recordings will be mastered professionally and sent to you as a download.

We are not afraid of bringing up another topic:

Not included in our fees is a tip for our staff. We do appreciate it very much, if you leave them an appropriate tip, as this gives us the possibility to keep our prices stable in the long run!


Every group gets a number. Kids can browse for songs at the terminals, give their song requests to the DJ, writing their number as referral on the request card. Of course, we will show the kids how it’s done. Our DJ will then create a fair order and call the kids up on stage accordingly.
Sure! We’ve collected all info into one document so that you can download them easily and print them out. Click here
Of course! Check out our invitation card here!