hausordnung_gmWe would love to welcome everybody who wants to celebrate with us at Green Mango! At the same time, we expect every guest a certain amount of respect towards our staff, our location and towards the other guests! Everybody is supposed to feel well, without disturbing other guests or even our neighbors.

That’s why we ask you to respect the rules of our house, to celebrate memorable parties!

We are taking this opportunity to point out that Your wardrobe and larger bags – backpacks as well – must be deposited at the entrance!!!! Else we will not grant entrance!

Instructions of our pleasant security are to be followed! Discussions may cause dismissal!

People with high aggressive potential, the assumption of being potentially aggressive or impolite behavior will be dismissed by default! A booking or reservation does not guarantee entrance!

Excessive consumption of alcohol or vomiting will cause dismissal from the evening!

Children and Young Persons Act is highly respected and followed stricter than legislation states, to prevent anything happening. Every guest who is under the age of 18 years is to be announced beforehand and is ought to bring a written form of their parents, called “Muttizettel”, that can be downloaded hier. Extension of your stay after midnight is not possible, if You’re under the age of 18 – even if legislation has some forms of exceptions!

For the large version of our house rules, click the image!