Upgrade Your evening out and let us take You to Green mango in a fancy limousine! Or get Yourself one to get back home!

We’re cooperating with some of the best limousine agencies in berlin and are happy to give You perfect service!

Our driver comes to pick You up from home and welcomes You accordingly. During Your one-hour tour You’ll ride through Berlin, sip tasty sparkling wine and pass the most beautiful sights of the city. Once arrived at Brandenburger Tor You’ll have the possibility to take a photo that will last You an eternity and continue Your journey to Green Mango Karaoke Bar!

Once arrived You’ll be partying in Europe’s biggest Karaoke and entertainment bar and have a night You’ll never forget. If You wish so, our drivers will be at Your service once Your evening ends. Limousines always accommodate a maximum of 8 persons. If, however, You wish to travel with more than 8, our employees will always have a solution just for You. Even if that means taking a second limousine or a support vehicle – we got You covered!

We recommend:

 Why not book one of our customized party bundles hat already include a limousine service, our fun fee, a song recording and custom drink specials? You’ll always benefit from nice discounts!

For more information, call our colleagues at the office and let them make You an offer You’ll surely love! 030 – 75 63 73 93